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ABS Bookkeeping & Accounting Services - Pricing

Offshoring bookkeeping gives CPA firms the dual advantages of faster processing and 60-70 percent savings in fees . We have positioned ourselves well to operate as complete back offices for the accounting firms.

In order to maximize value from their business processes, global CPA firms and business houses are leveraging the bookkeeping and accounting business process outsourcing model.


At Accurate Bookkeeping and Accounting Services , our focus is not just on reducing the costs for our clients, but also on increasing their business revenue. By offering our services, we not only help our clients shrink their fixed salary bills but also allow them to focus better on their core service which results in a measurable improvement in their cash flow.

Our Service Models

BOOKKEEPING: Involves only Transaction Entry and Reconciliation.
BOOKKEEPING & ACCOUNTING : Involves Bookkeeping, Account Setup, Payroll and Financial Statement Preparation.

Our Pricing Models

  • FTE Pricing  - In order to hire a resource dedicated to your business, the price ranges between $500 to $1000 per FTE per month. It is ideal for long-term arrangement with large volumes of work.
  • Transaction Based Pricing Model  - In this pricing format, the billing is done depending on the number of transactions made per day.
  • Customized Pricing  - Prices are customized depending on the complexity of the task, work volume, skill required and terms of the contract.
  • Monthly Fixed Rate Bookkeeping Fee - Depending on volume of work we can undertake your bookkeeping on a monthly fixed rate fee basis. We will give a confirmed quote once we understand the type and extent of transaction required.

How Much Can You Save

  • You can expect our fee to be up to 60 to 70 % lower than your current bookkeeping and accounting expenses. Our Bookkeeping and Accounting Service is managed by Rank Holder Indian CA and can assure you of excellent quality work delivered in time at most attractive price.
  • Keeping an In House Bookkeeper may cost you anything between $40 to $50 per hr including their benefits and overheads. We can offer you better services , delivery time wise as well as quality wise, at around 40 to 60 % lower than that !!!

How Do You Pay Us

  • We raise our bill first week of every month.
  • You can pay us through Check or through wire transfer by setting up for transfer of money through bank .

No setup fees, no sign-up charges either. You will always have full control of your books , should you decide to quit. No extra charges even for that !